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Sunday Night Wrap Up 3.4.18

Here's our Sunday Night Wrap Up!

Our night looked like this:

6:30-6:45 Hang Out

6:45-7:00 Big Group Game - Honey If You Love Me

7:00-7:25 Message -

Church Jesus Versus Real Jesus

Church Jesus vs Real Jesus

I also showed this video from Andy Frost -


7:25-7:30 Screen Game - Lost in Translation Jesus Edition - https://www.downloadyouthministry.com/lost-in-translation-jesus-edition

7:35-8:00 Big Group Game - Train Wreck

9:00 - after I got home and got some food! - 1 Minute SnapChat of the Message.

So, that's what we did!

Youth Ministry Ideas

Go with the flow of culture you live in. Stop fighting and start enjoying the ride! If you had told me 5 years ago I would be in a ministry that besides camps we shut down in the summer I would have laughed at you. I was in a church where we geared up for the summer. Youth were in my office daily! We were hanging out and going places at least once a week. Now, I live in a Vacation Town. We have tourist come from Easter to the start of their local schools. Our families are busy with helping at the shops downtown catering to the tourist. We live Lake Life BIG! Our town has TONS of events all summer long and trying to "buck" that or fight against it just hurts the ministries. I've seen Pastors try and fail when they try and "buck" the way of life here. People are notoriously at least 5 minutes late, they like to go to the local brewery, they are out on a boat every day it's warm (mainly Sundays), they are at the ball field 3 nights a week during spring, covered dish means Hardees and Poppa John's for anyone not retired, everyone goes to Lake Fest just to walk around, everyone goes to SUMMER LIVE, they also eat at Mexican so much tickets are split correctly without asking. Now, small towns are amazing and I LOVE mine, but you have got to go with the flow that is already established!

One way we use our towns events to help us is that on the day of the big flea market we set up a Fundraiser for our student ministry. We sell plants. We also make between 3 and 4 thousand dollars before 3 o'clock. People are walking through our town on that day, so we make the most of it!

So, use the culture of where you live to your advantage in your ministries!

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