• Arielle Williford

5 Fantastic Days

5 Fantastic Days is an event we put on every year. We take 5 days to have worship and devotions we then leave to do something fun! Each day is something different. We try hard to keep it at $125 or less. We are very lucky to live in a small town 2 hours from the beach, so one day we do a free day at the beach. I rotate the days between cheap and pricey ending our week at a theme park. Most years we have spent the last day at Kings Fest at King’s Dominion. They do a 3 day Christian Festival. To be able to go on the last day they must attend two of the previous days. We have a lot of fun during 5 Fantastic Days, but I have found that the best part is how much our group has become just that a group. When I came 4 years ago we had a group of kids that did not hang out together and now they go to the movies together on a regular basis.

Places We Have been:

Trampoline Park

GoCart Park

Movies (we only watch kiddie movies)

Putt Putt



The Beach

Taco Bell (we don’t have one in our town)

Local Pool

Minor League Baseball game

King’s Dominion

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